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I'm Adi Sidapara, 

Currently living in Scottsdale, AZ, and working on disruptive technology.

I was born in Jamnagar, India. Since then, I have moved around and lived in tech hotspots such as Bangalore and Silicon Valley, culminating my interest in tech. But through my unique cultural background, I have grown interested in the interdisciplinary application of computer science in mathematics, biology, statistics, and economics, as well as the generation of social impact.

Over the past few months, I decided to focus more on machine learning and biostatistics research, and also social impact-oriented organizations. When I am not working on something technical, you can find me prepping for the latest debate tournament, reading about something new and obscure, or even failing miserably at a game of pickup basketball.

My Education

BASIS Scottsdale High School

dduating in 2018

BASIS Scottsdale is the number two high school in the United States as rated by the Daily Beast and US News.
Offering grades 5-12, I attended from 6th grade and continuing to 12th grade.

Work Experience

I love 

My work and projects centers around what I love.

Systems Imagination

Machine Learning Research Engineering Intern

August 2016 - Present

Building next generation rapid learning systems and knowledge evolution network mining services to empower researchers and transform their ability to recover, discover, and evolve scientific knowledge.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Research Intern

June 2016 - August 2016

Worked under the mentorship of John Quackenbush Ph.D and Megha Padi Ph.D. Researched on differential community structure in bipartite networks, focusing on gene regulatory networks. Performed specific network analysis on angiogenic ovarian cancer subtypes, devising machine learning and statistical algorithms for gene ranking and drug targeting.


Co-founder and CEO

June 2015 - Present

Allbeat is a new music discovery platform geared towards small and emerging artists. Our platform condenses the entire music process into 11 second previews, allowing users to browse through different artists and songs in a time effective manner. If people like the song, the song goes up our leaderboards, giving more exposure to popular and talented artists. We debuted at SXSW, winning top 5 music startups in the Music Spotlight competition. Much of my work is around product development (meaning a bit of design and a lot of coding, totaling into a lot of late nights), marketing, and growth.

I specialize in 

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